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  2 great tastes that taste great together -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 28, 2009  by 

The 2 great tastes that go well together are pieces of progression mashed into a one night stew.

First we popped into ICC 10 to see if we could dispose of Saurfang. We worked on him last week but decided not to extend the ID because Marrow was the weekly. Despite the holiday week, we went ahead and did not cancel raids in the hopes of getting some more gear and progression. It turned out to be a good idea as we set ourselves up to work on Saurfang before the week ended.

The first line up had my druid on DPS and Ache healing. We made a change after the first attempt and had his hunter come in with my pally healing. The caster heavy group got him down after several tries. Nobody died to a mark and we were a few seconds off the achievement. Much like Anub, this was a satisfying boss kill as we put some headbanging into this guy. He feels like he's supposed to be a 2 heal until you see the marks going out. The pally heavy group slowed his blood power down with 3 available BoPs and bubbles.

After downing Saurf, we made the call to roll the same group over to heroic ToC. We'd poked around in there randomly in the past but we felt this group had a solid shot. After a few attempts with the typical horrible luck (oh hair 2 fires and a snobold on a healer . . SWEET!), we made a small change to add a bloodlust to the mix. Shortly after, we had a great run with everybody up and zero moments ever remotely resembling failure. Everything settled in to a great attempt and all 3 sub-bosses died easily. Jaraxxus is up next once we stop having the life sucked out of us.
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