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Nervous System -- News
  If you could see me now! I'm on a boat. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 20, 2009  by 

Warning-flippy floppies are not recommended footwear for this fight. The rocket pack tends to burn them. Also, there are no dolphins and shit.

So the night we took on Deathwhisper, we only time time for one hack at the boat. I jumped over, stupid dwarf killed me too quick. We called it a night at that point. Saturday night, we went back in with a solid group and tried again. It started on a bad note as the alliance trash (literally) aggroed right up the elevator and set a bad tone. We finally settled in and got back to the boat and strapped on the boosters.

The early attempts went well but it needed more. We switched Ori to heals and that helped tremendously. Also the bright idea of walking off the alliance boat instead of jumping sealed the deal. While jumping back, either I went last and got slammed with no heals or the healers went last and got axed to death. Simply walking off all at the same time made a huge difference. We sent the ally boat crashing down and opened the chest which sadly had a piece nobody could use. We tries Saurf twice but didn't have a hunter which hurt tremendously. I'm looking forward to killing him before the reset and sealing the deal before Christmas comes around.
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