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  Death in a whisper -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 19, 2009  by 

2 bosses, 2 nights. Not too shabby. On Thursday night, we went back into ICC after downing Marrow the night before and set about working on Lady Deathwhisper.

Unlike Marrow, this fight is designed to be two healed. Was a bit of a rough adjustment at first since there can be a lot of spikey damage going out all of a sudden on this fight. The first phase of the fight is quite tough. The adds are easy enough to handle until they go batshit mode and cleave squishies or spam craptastic spells on healers. With each attempt, we learned a little more about what these guys do and how to handle them. Eventually we got to killing them easy enough to have a solid 15 seconds or do of full on DPS against her shield.

With a voice as annoying as Kathy Griffin's (courtesy DrWolf), we couldn't wait to shut her up and we did. It was a little too late to do much work on Gunship but we tried it one and it was quite fun. We're all looking forward to going back and killing the remaining 2 bosses.
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