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Nervous System -- News
  Mister spinny, whirly dervish guy -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 17, 2009  by 

As NERV approaches our 5 year anniversary, we're greeted with a fresh, new instance and challenges to overcome.

Icecrown Citadel was released last week. As per the normal situation with Bloodhoof, the first few days were certainly the typical glitchy mess. We muddled our way through the craziness and got up to the boss. Sadly we weren't able to get him that night with the server kicking some people out and being a general mess. We tried him Sunday night on 25 man and some of the 10 man strats cause nothing but major grief when done on 25.

We went back in last night after closing out a ToC 25 and setup for some late night work on Marrow. It wasn't the ideal tanking situation with 2 druids but it worked out well. It's recommended an AOE tank follow him around for snap aggro out of the whirlwinds but Ache did a good job misdirecting and things went well. Each attempt was very good. The strats and execution were solid but your typical situation of one thing being off would kill it. The healers did a good job all night covering duties if another was spiked and Tiger and I picked up Marrow every time without issue. On the third or fourth try, the whole fight went smooth and he died. We all were silent the entire attempt afraid to jinx it. Since it was real late, we tried one shot on the next boss and called it a night after we learned some of what she does.
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