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Nervous System -- News
  Two steps closer to completed 25 TOC -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 20, 2009  by 

We raced through the first half of 25 TOC pretty easy. The beasts and Jaraxxus pretty much were the same as 10 TOC. The faction champs of course became the most annoying thing ever. There is just so many ways to approach that fight . .kill a DPS first, kill healers first, kill DPS/heals/DPS/heals . etc etc. We could sit there for 30 mins discussing the strats just to spend 5 mins wiping. Finally we hit upon something that worked and everything clicked nicely to beat them.

Right after passing the faction champs, we worked on the twins and got them down relatively easily. We decided to do the typical NERV thing and take an odd approach. We used the see-saw method and picked one twin to DPS until a vortex forced a color switch. Thanks to the shared health pool, it worked well.

We are currently on Anub and working out the best way to handle the big and small adds and the proper way to handle DPSing Anub and the large adds. We should be able to kill him in short order once we fix the proper DPS ratio.
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