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  Posted  August 18, 2009  by 

Thanks to Blizz's new raid extension function, we were able to have a week off of organized raiding and retain the clear we had made in Uld 10 the week before. We blew through all the mandatory bosses and the keepers in one night and then polished up some optionals the next leaving us face to face with Vezax.

We took an attempt or 3 that night and called it. The raid needed to shore up their awareness a bit but we did great as he was down into the 20s on most of the attempts. We extended the ID and went in on Sunday to see what we could do and it only took us 2 tries to kill him.

We were very close to one shotting him the 2nd night but mana became an issue deep into the fight. The vapors were exhausted and healers were scrambling to do something to get their heals off. The 2nd try had us handling the vapors a bit more carefully and we killed him with ease. Echo did a good job MTing him allowing me to help the crucial DPS and also got a very good recording of it which is in our raid section.
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