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  Disney boss takes another tumble -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 30, 2009  by 

Sorry for the delay in posting. On Sunday night, we went in to do some further work on our open 25 man Uld ID. Our goal was to pass Kologarn and open up the rest of the basement to us. Even though the raid would reset in 2 days, we wanted to kill him for the first time and see what crazy cat bitch would be like.

Kologarn had been stonewalling us a few times in recent weeks. Things would go great for over 50% of the fight and then 1 or 2 things would happen and the domino effect would kick in. A rubble tank might drop and they'd face rape the raid or a healer would go down and MTs would die. Fortunately for us this time, everything fell into place nicely and it took minimal work to kill him. Auriaya proved to be a handful despite the pulls being flawless now thanks to Talli's familiarity with it from the 10 mans. We have a good idea on what it will take to pass her now and shouldn't have much issues with her or IC when we try them this reset.
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