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  Freya becomes one with nature ... in the dead way -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 29, 2009  by 

Taking advantage of the clear work done during impromptu Tuesday, a 10 man group went back into Uld tonight and ran right up to Iron Council. On Tuesday night, everything we did required only one shot. In case you didn't notice, you can find it in one of the Uld metachievements. Tonight wasn't exactly the same but a very good continuation regardless.

We took 2 shots to clear IC due to a heavy, early fusion punch that squashed this bear tank. We ran right back and cleared the 3 on the 2nd attempt like it was the 200th time we'd done Moroes in KZ. Next was Hodir. With frost resist gear slapped on, we 2 shotted him also with what looked like a wipe. After we released him, it was time for the big question mark. Freya.

People had been believing we could do her for weeks now (hah-do her . . giggity). We only needed the time to try. The first attempt overwhelmed us but we got familiar with the waves again at least. Each successive attempt saw us getting pretty much up to the last wave (#6). Finally, in what was likely going to be our last attempt, we hit wave 5 with T2's pally dead. I died too leaving us worried about the 6th wave which was going to be the big elemental. Disaster did a good job holding both while hiding under the good mushrooms. One quick Eonar gift kill and it was back to the elemental. As soon as he died, it was all gravy as Dis kited her away from poison spores. Shortly after, she dropped her chest o'goodies for us. And no sicko, not THAT chest. The one with loot in it Very
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