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  Another great Ulduar night -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 22, 2009  by 

After clearing out the farmed bosses on Tuesday, we went back in on Weds to make some more progress. We also had some crazy server issues with Iron Council and Ignis on Tuesday so we left them up.

We attempted Ignis a few times but his adds still acted wonky as hell and we not being controlled well. Not wanting to spin our wheels on him for too long, I asked we take one last shot and just straight burn him down ala Gruul. It paid off but barely. I died with him having 1% left and 8 stacks up. Disaster moved over and took him for a hit or 2 before he died also. Fortunately raid DPS took him down before he could mow down the raid.

We nailed Iron Council after a few wacky pulls and then moved on to the big guy-Hodir. We'd prepped for him for a week and it was time to see if it would all pay off. The first attempt saw us getting him to to about 10-15% but he enraged. Everything looks solid except for one priest death that was fixed via a BR. The next attempt was the kill. He went down like 2 dollar hooker and provided us with the first non-VOA tier 8 piece. Hopefully we can work on Thorim and Freya before the next reset. We're now a proper 7/15 in Uld!
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