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  I guess flesh *is* stronger huh? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 1, 2009  by 

Just like what is done in HoS, we proved flesh is stronger than iron and stone last night. We went back to Uld and got Razorscale pretty quickly in what led to our best fight with her to date. After the hotty eyeball dropped, we took a few whacks on Ignis. Missing a key element on him (elemental tank with no mic to call for brittle), we went back to the basement.

We strapped in for the long haul on Iron Council. After several attempts, we finally got them down with Brundir in the last slot. To round out the night, we thought we should take a look at Kologarn.

As we stepped into the room and he did his jack-in-the box routine, we realized the room was smaller than we thought. We learned quickly he is actually quite smooshy and he goes down pretty quickly. After a few more attempts to try and figure out how best to position everybody but the tanks, we realized the best method is 3 tanks+3 heals. Mely dropped for Corn's tanks and DrWolf went back to healing. In one shot, his big ass crumpled and made a bridge over to the rest of the basement. A very successful night for us in Uld.
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