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  Blue's clues makes with the loot -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 30, 2009  by 

After whacking on this guy's hindquarters for a few weeks and trying 2 different styles of fighting him, NERV finally downed the insane blue dragon chump in a night where he was destined to die.

We originally tried kiting Maly away from the sparks and putting him fully opposite where the sparks came from. Good idea but sometimes a very tough execution. The calls had to be perfect and as a feral, my camera angle sucks for that. While putting up the strats for him in our raid section, I noticed strats where he wasn't kited, just simply parked and the sparks were dealt with normally. This worked well last week but we still had spark issues.

Finally last night, everything came together. We put a huge chunk of our best DPS in, had melee buffs, had my conviction buff but lacked gift and AI. First few real attempts (not counting me dropping G on his head, TT aggro, judgement aggro, etc) showed huge progress. We sent Maly up over a minute faster than ever before. On our second good attempt, Maly went up even earlier, we handled the frisbee Tron phase great and roasted him alive with the help of the red dragonflight. We were doing great living through the blasts and the sparks when I got killed. I used my death to mark his current target with a moon for easy healing. Moou died and Tuna took over healing with Lint. A few more people dropped and Maly enraged but it was literally only for a second or 2 before he died and miss life-binder herself showed up to congratulate us for doing her dirty work.

Seems NERV has had a flair for the dramatic this week with out dicey Malygos and Saph kills (GG TT solo tank/dpsing Saph for 7%).
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