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Nervous System -- News
  Christmas came early for NERV-part 1 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 30, 2008  by 

Early? Yup. Exactly one week early. On the Thursday before Christmas, NERV was totally stirring. Mely's arrows were whizzing while our brains were whirring. In we went to the dragon's room where his aura and cleaves spelled our doom. With 2 healers we went on the attack, in a feat not even successfully done by the Dark Pact. After attempt, attempt, attempts galore, we finally beat that dragon like a frosty, rented whore. We checked his body for the great loots, sure that Santa was not going to put coal in our boots. From the end of Naxxramas arose such a clatter, the guild was on their toes to see what was the matter.

NERV had bested the dragon once so strong, next up is Malygos-not to be alive for long. After killing him, his essence rose out of sight. We walked up to Kelthuzad and kicked his nuts in with boots two sizes too tight. Jay and Silent Bob may have been from Paramus, but they aren't as cool as us since we cleared 10 man Naxxramus Very

Happy New Year!
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