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  Azgalor no more -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 26, 2008  by 

You knew he was going to fall down. I mean you just knew it. 2 back to back one percent attempts on him earlier in the reset week let us know it was only a matter of time before his bulk would drop to the ground and last night proved us right.

We shot through the waves without too many issues and made it to Azg. A late MD and some remaining totems from me caused Azg to come up and cleave myself and Savage. This burned an ankh and brez but we still made a go of it. I was focused on healing DG tanks so I didn't see much of the action. I glanced at enrage timer-okay 5:35 left. I slowly glance at his health in the MT window, almost afraid to look. 37% left??!! OMFG he's going to die! Well not quite. When the call for all on Azg went out, DG tanks went too. DGs got in the raid and a poorly timed rain of fire caught people running too him.

The next real shot we had on him, he dropped like he was on farm for weeks. Warlocks handled SSing well and the whole fight was smooth. When he dropped, he provided NERV with out first t6 tokens. We later spent the rest of the night poking Archimonde with big sticks to find out what he's about. I think if all 25 people focus properly on that fight, he'll be dying soon too.
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