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  Thy mana be purged! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  July 17, 2008  by 

This news post brought to you by NERV genius incorporated (reeeealll NERV geeeeniussss). We salute you mister raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank for Antheron's infernals (raid leader who goes to MH without a fire resist tank!)

Yup ... Boy we got away with one this week. Tofu was late on Tues so we went to MH without him. We had Valth doing the pally tanking this week. We had heard, in an unconfirmed way, that Aneth was not spawning infernals. I thought - okay great. It never occurred to me that if the rumor was wrong, we'd be boned with the infernal tank not having FR. Sure enough, Aneth was emotiing about infernals but none spawned. So we got a free(ish) ride over to Kazrogal. The server was messing up badly by the time Aneth died which caused us to lose too many people to continue Tues night.

We marched back Weds night to take advantage of the open shot on Kaz. Very quickly we learned our lesson from previous Kaz trash and we got the gargoyles under control and Trellno held the wyrms. One attempt resulted in people learning about the mana drains and subsequent POOF. The next attempt he died with 2 raid members alive, Thrall and some NPCs. Skin of the teeth but I think he will be easier next time.

Work was done on Azgalor but unfortunately he did not die last night. We had some solid tries with him getting down to 26% on the second one. It has been a GREAT set of nights in MH this week and we're all doing very well. So thank you mister lucky raid leader (mister lucky NERV raid leeeeeadeerrrrr!)

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