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  Leotheras is not blind, he's dead -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 24, 2008  by 

Feels good to finally get this guy down and putting a good deal of work into him. It's been awhile since somebody was fairly challenging for us outside of bosses that bring out the random stupidity moments.

We'd been working on this guy for a little while now. He's been a touchy boss since the demon needs to be tanked by somebody with FR. We initially had Tofu working him the first time and it works out but slightly hinders the melee DPS. This week, we had Blueshock warlock tanking him in FR gear and that seemed to work out well as the searing pain spam grabbed a great deal of aggro. The attempts were going well but there was some aggro issues during transitions.

After a quick Mag and Gruul last night, there was still enough time left in the evening to put in a few solid attempts on Leo. The Gruul line up moved on over to SSC and cleared the way. A few changes at Leo and we got him to 3% the first try of the night. A lot of people were feeling electric and thinking this would be the time for him to die. Sure enough, everything fell into place the next attempt and we ground out the fight and killed him.

It was a matter of the small nuances that led to the fight being executed well. DPS stopped well during whirlwinds and burned him down rather nicely during the demon phase. With a solid amount of hunters, we had a lot of utility misdirects and the use of searing totems to pull Leo back to the middle worked just like Shazz in the old MC days.

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