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  One night with Karathress is all it takes -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 20, 2008  by 

So we did SSC this week. Got Hydross and Lurker down and wasn't too sure what to do next. We didn't have a resist tank for Leo so we wandered over to Fathom Lord instead. I had seen strats on him before but never posted them up for some reason. I knew he gained the abilities of his adds once we killed them and that was about it.

Shortly before getting to Kara, ping in NC went into the toilet again causing Twotimes and I to lag out. Every time I tried to come back, I could tell the connection would be crap. Finally after 30 mins, I got back in and lo and behold, was in the middle of fighting Karathress with 23 people online. I jumped right in and started shooting the current target. We wiped but only because he enraged while we had him to about 50%. Two more tries met with failure and then on the 4th try, we downed him with ease. We've got T5 shoulders and now the pants are rolling in. After we got him down, and with relative ease, I think this guy is going to be farm status after just one more kill.
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