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Nervous System -- News
  Everybody out of the pool-FunkyNERV is here -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 29, 2008  by 

On what looked to be a somewhat sketchy night, a 25 man group went into SSC, tried Hydross for the first time and boiled him to vapor.

With some kind of connection issues wracking many Time Warner southeast customers, raiding has been problematic for some this week. High ping and blasts of ping spikes have made for some dicey issues. Despite that and digging out the last few scoops of healing ice cream, people took the plunge in SSC and got our first kill on Hydross. Lurker continued to evade us some but we'll get him in no time. This May has proven to be our best progression month since the end of the summer where AQ and ZG bosses fell like chaff before the NERV scythe.
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