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  Rage who? Winter what? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 7, 2008  by 

Thanks to Blizzard's amazing idea to lift the attunements needed for Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, we were able to experience some content and bossed we might be seeing for quite some time.

Two weeks ago, I put up MH on the calendar to see what would happen. Lost of people and sites said the first few bosses in BT and MH were the loot filled pinata rewards for passing the tough Kael and Vash. First week, didn't have enough to tackle the place. Second week, we learned we need a solid pally tank to get gang banged for 8 pulls. This week, after a few attempts, we got Winterchill to hover his frosty ass on down to the raid.

First attempt, death and decay caught many people by surprise as they stared in awe of his ice tombs. Second attempt, he spent most of the fight continuing to pick people off but D&D avoidance was great. As the raid slowly dwindled, a late juke by Gdinero finally brought some of the remaining alliance NPCs into the battle. G finally crumpled and Rage went unleashed on the rest of the raid. The remaining DPS with some NPC help killed him. It was a huge skin of our teeth victory but dead is dead no matter how he got there Smile

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