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  Great Zul'Aman progress in one night! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 13, 2008  by 

A fantastic job was done in Zul'Aman tonight. A well put together group got the timed chest from both bear and eagle (our first 2 chest run) and we downed new bosses.

We'd been farming bear, eagle and lynx for some time now but stupid dragonhawk has been a pain in the ass. We've steadily made progress on him in the past week or so and tonight he finally fell to a one shot. The eggs were handled well and the fight went smoothly.
This was extremely important as the rest of ZA stays locked off until all aspects are down.

Shortly after Jan'Ali died, the group moved on to Hexlord Malacrass. Unlike in ZG, a guy like this is not optional. You must pass his room to try Zul'Jin. After 2 attempts, Tofu had to go so my hunter came in. 2 attempts after that, Zu'lJin died too and his head went right next to Jan'Ali's on the wall. We even tried Zul'Jin and got him down to the lynx phase before calling it a night. Fantastic work!

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