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  Old school night -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 7, 2008  by 

In light of the surprising and shocking news from HM this week, we decided to muster up all the forces we had and hit up some old content for fun. We went out and hit up Azuregos in Azshara and then went and beat on Taerer in neighboring Ashenvale. Both were easy one shots. The two dragons dropped close to about 10 items each.

After 2 dragons gave up the ghost, we marched down to AQ40. We'd taken a few whacks at the place back in the old days. My druid still has a bug mount and the ancient artifact quest. We walked in with 20-25 people (at varying points) and breezed through the formely challenging 4 pulls. Skeram did us in a time or 2 before we worked out exactly how to approach the platforms. From there we worked on the bug trio. After finding out that the fear from the queen is the most annoying thing *EVER*, we downed the trio and called it a night.
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