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  Zul'Aman goes live -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 14, 2007  by 
Zul'Aman went live last night in the new 2.3 patch. It seemed most of us survived a major patch without too many issue. One of my addons-Component had to go otherwise I couldn't eat the new tasty mana biscuits.

Zul'Aman is a new troll based instance in the Blood Elf secondary zone called Ghostlands. It is quite similar to the old 20 man Zul'Gurub but is set with a forest backdrop instead of a jungle one. So far we've faced trolls, armored bears, mounted war bear riders, dragonhawks and eagles. We also know we'll be facing lynxes on the way to the lynx boss. The instance contains six bosses-bear aspect, lynx aspect, eagle aspect, phoenixhawk aspect, a hex lord and finally Zul'Jin.

We've faced the bear boss and two shotted him with relative ease. The extra loot was messed up since I went AFK before the pull not knowing. We made our way to the dragonchicken next. He's a fun fight and we think we know what to do to kill him. It's similar to Onxyia combined with the bat boss from ZG. We also fought the eagle boss and he still needs a little tweaking to kill.

It was a fun first night in the zone. There's a hub town outside Zul'Aman that does repairs, reagents, has a few quests and a flight path. Getting to ZA without summons seems easier than Karazhan. We're sure we're going to have this instance down to a science shortly.
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