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  Euro Division Annual Meet 2007 -- General News
  Posted  August 2, 2007  by 
The European Division of the clan met up for its annual meet from the 27th - 30th July this Year
14 members managed to attend including Lingonglass from Sweden and Ele from Germany. Acomodation was 4 very comfortable mobile homes at Woodland Waters caravan and camping site with easy acces to Woodys Bar where we all had a very nice meal on the friday evening.
Saturday morning saw Old Git and Sclaws tring to cook a fry up for 14 on a normal home cooker but it was achived in the end. Then off to the paintball for the majority and shopping for OG and Invisible. While the boys were busy shooting each other OG, Sclaws and Invisible prepared a BBQ for the starving warriors on their return. The rain held off just long enough for the food to be cooked and eaten and a huge hole was made in the Potato Salad sent along by Mrs OG. Then down to woodys bar for some LAN action. This had its flaws when the new router OG had brought along kept breaking down and steam doing its normal by just not letting some members play offline but plenty of lubrication was available from the bar and most people had a fun but frustrating evening.
Sunday dawned with a lie in for all then OG prepared another fry up for breakfast with a bit more success this time. 12 O'clock saw a mass departure for the Karting, Disclaimers were signed overalls, helmets and gloves found that almost fitted and team choosing began. Team over competative chose itself and team under competative also chose itself the others eventually were sorted and after a quick briefing out to the track for a 10 minutes each warm up.
A cautious few laps for confidence then most were drifting the karts through the corners at the highest speeds possible with 1 member of Team over competative being so enthusiastic that a number of the other karts were forced into the tyre walls and off track. The 1 hours team event was full of adrenaline and testosterone so when Wev managed to stop the tussle between OG and Nakor (by t boning OG off the track) a short break for OG to find oxygen and get some feeling back in his body saw him back on the track for the last stint. As expected Team Over competative took the day but by a very narrow margin and team under competative didnt come last!!. The drive back to the second BBQ of the weekend was "interesting" as the drivers all thought they were still in their karts lol. Second BBQ went down well with the Sun staying out andsome serious eating and drinkiing taking place along with lots of chatting without using a PTT key! all had a lot of fun. On to the final LAN of the weekend with all the bugs ironed out it went like clockwork. The next day started with frantic efforts to put all the equipment back in the right lodge and a clean up before departure at 10am.
A great weekend that we will all remember and a big thankyou to Ancaster Karting and Painball for the excellent facilities and Woodland Waters / Woodys bar for making us welcome and not calling us GEEKS!! roll on next years event.
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