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Nervous System -- News
  NERV downs 2 more Karazhan bosses in one week! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 3, 2007  by 
Amidst a tumultuous week while "As the NERV Stomach Churns", what did NERV go and do? We went into Karazhan with a shoestring and a prayer and kicked the snot out of 2 new bosses for us.

Last week on the 27th, with the midnight hour looming ever closer, we were looking up Maiden's skirt, dead on the floor around her. We were highly considering calling it a night as Gdinero left when I still saw 3 mins on the respawn clock. With my druid tanking and Haga's lock adding some DPS, we went for one last shot on her. Thanks to some self healing going into the fight and a frenzied regen during one of the stuns, NERV devirginized her. Virtuous no more she dropped to Muldir to Marenkar

Last night, NERV went back into Karazhan to take advantage of the last open night before a reset. Spirits were good as we stared down the bastard skeletal ushers. Despite them knifing through the party a few times, we got past them and went and saw our friend the Big Bad Wolf. Panicked screams issued forth from one bear druid gone healing as I heard the event starting while I was on the phone (and in the rafters). We walked out on stage, and despite the mister wannabe-Son of Aurugal to lowbies killing some people, he dropped. He was kind to part with to Pepperz and;source=live to the shard pile!

Good job all! Time for Curator to fizzle out. Kill shots -

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