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Nervous System -- News
  First 3 bosses in Karazhan down -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 13, 2007  by 
Over recent weeks, The NERVous Horde has begun working our way through Karazhan. What could have been the answer to UBRS for TBC quickly became more like an AQ20 for a smaller group.

Early in NERV's forays into Karaz we got Attunemen on the first night. We also investigated the optional spider/bat wing boss. Our first attempt pulled the bat boss Shadikith. Based on fighting through respawns to get these bosses, we may not see this wing again soon.

Two weeks ago, NERV downed Moroes after a few attempts on him. The random nature of his cohorts makes planning for him a chore. He's also a very class specific fight. The wrong group can break this encounter. While it is fun to have such an interesting fight not far into the instance, it is certainly a complicated fight.

We're currently working on Maiden and the opera event hoping we don't get another Oz run.

Our Attunemen kill can be found at or

The Moroes fight is here
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