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Nervous System -- News
  Well, well, well Mister Ragnaros. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 28, 2006  by 
It seems that our friend Mister Ragnaros thought he was too good for NERV. He seemed to want to stay in his little pool of lava, swinging that big ass hammer at us over and over. No amount of huge fricking arrows sticking out of him would dissuade him from giving up his pants and whatever other left over Halloween candy he had.

That is until we hit 39 people, repaired and had Trolla give us some advice. . . .

With the possible exception of Hakkar, our fights lately seem to hinge on just one thing falling into place. With Ossirian, it was the rogue crystal clickers. With Onyxia, it was the phase 1 threat build up. For Ragnaros, it was the collapse.

We've previously had him down to 3%. We knew when we saw that he'd die for sure next time. Why . . we were missing the fabulous TT that time. If mister 10% higher than others in DPS were to be here, he'd crumple right? Wrong. TT was there last time and he didn't die. It left us dejected and looking at each other with these kinda "now what?" expressions. Then, Thanksgiving break kicked in giving us a breather.

We marched into MC on Sunday with more than 40. Snicker-snack we cut our way through the instance. Led by Pepperz pulling, it was slick. On Monday night, everybody was a little downcast seeing 35 people on max. We flew up to Domo and one shotted his naga ass and fast. Some hope filled us as we made the wall hugging trek to Rag.

First dry run, Rag goes down to 54% before sons. Pretty damn good considering there was no FR pots and no special buffs. We dusted ourselves off and proceeded with the first wet run. Aside from some early melee DPS french kissing lava, Rag gets an ulcer attack when he sees himself down to 3% again. His little scare over, he laughs his way through the 2nd attempt as things are a symphony of bad luck for us. He just sits in his little pool doing that spinning lava pants routine.

For the 3rd wet run (barring Pepperz soloing Rag), our numbers shoot up to 39. Trolla joins and offers us advice on the collapse. We make a new spot and a new style. We run in and spread out well. Sons go down after one straggler dies. Rag's health goes down . . down . . down. Around 10%, we look around and see 75% of the raid up. People crank what they got. 5% and the raid is still up. It has to be this time right? We pass our magical 3%. Get him to 1% and it takes FOOORRRRREEEEVVVVEEERRRRRRR then *poof*. Captain Flaming Hotcakes explodes.

He was kind enough to part ways with -

[Malistar's Defender] from Ragnaros
Looter: Laoguai

[Bloodfang Pants] from Ragnaros
Looter: Runin

[Legplates of Ten Storms] from Ragnaros
Looter: Marenkar

[Choker of the Fire Lord] from Ragnaros
Looter: Twotimez

[Deepfury Bracers] from Ragnaros
Looter: Twotimez

[Garrett Family Crest] from Ragnaros
Looter: Twotimez

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