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Nervous System -- News
  One dead ass dragon. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 3, 2006  by 
And the NERV wall of heads continues to grow. Pretty soon we're going to turn the corner and start working on another wall in the room.

Since August, NERV progression has been steamrolling. On top of our Hakkar kill, we added our first solo Majordomo kill and then shortly after, the beaked head of Ossirian was stuffed and mounted. What was our next goal? Ragnaros or Onxyia and as expected, Ony finally collapsed in her cave before the might of only 28 NERV raiders.

After attempting her less than double digit times, NERV put the sister of Nefarion on her ass. We'd been feeling it for weeks but kept missing a key element. We either had no deep breaths and bad phase 3s (Onxyia landing) or we kept getting Ony's halitosis and slowed got picked off during phase 3. Last week, with the help of TBB's Imajica and Toxicity, our method became clear. Very light phase 1, back to burn down on phase 2 with a lay off right before the landing. Phase 3's key was staying below the MT's threat. That was *CAKE* after my warlock got smited Shocked Ony rewarded my death however with NERV's first T2 helm- a Nemesis skullcap. The rest of the loot is as follows.

[Nemesis Skullcap] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Fayvalentine Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Nemesis Skullcap] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Grimthorn Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Sapphiron Drape] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Sarenaty Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Dalewind Trousers] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Twotimez Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Magiskull Cuffs] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Twotimez Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Codex: Prayer of Shadow Protection] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Twotimez Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Head of Onyxia] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Pepperz Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

[Scale of Onyxia] [size=9] from Onyxia
Looter: Pepperz Cost: n/a DKP [/size]

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