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Nervous System -- News
  Majordomo Executus falls before NERV -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 31, 2006  by 
On August 30th, a little over a month after The NERVous Horde started going into Molten Core alone, Majordomo fell to the might of NERV. Little more than the butler to Ragnaros, he nevertheless is an immense pain in the ass with his 8 guards.

This was only NERV's third or fourth attempt at Domo since we started MC. He was 2 shotted and probably would have been 1 shotted had it not been for Blizzard's stupid lag and one of the main tanks disconnecting while Domo's 8 buddies started marching towards the party.

Domo was kind enough to drop his cache with such goodies as.

The Eye of Divinity -
Wild Growth Spaulders -
Fireguard Shoulders -

The only thing left for us to conquer in Molten Core would be the head honcho himself, Ragnaros.

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