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Team Fortress 2 -- Division Statistics
 Ladder  League  Record  Matches  FF Wins  FF Losses
Practise Clan War  PCW  22 / 10  32  0  0
Wireplay 6v6  wp6v6  1 / 0  1  0  0
Wireplay 7v7  wp7v7  1 / 4  5  0  2

Team Fortress 2  Match statistics
 Match Date  Versus  Win/Loss  FF
 November 08, 2009  CI  Loss  yes
Posted by: Sclaws
Tonight's match, the first in Division 1 of the wireplay 7v7 league was a lesson in team work. We started well; taking our time and things seemed to be going well but CI (clever-Idiots) were better co-ordinated. Their ubers were particularly effective against us whereas ours seems to go off like damp firecrackers. Communication was good to start but by the end of the game it was all but non-existent. All in all the single biggest lessons were:
a. We need to stick together more
b. We need to communicate more effectively
c. Most important- we need to practice as a team!

Good effort guys buy really- if we want to achieve our potential we're going to have to do a whole lot better and that means playing more together. Thanks to all

Guess you can all guess from the above: we lost both maps....

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